Tuesday, February 24, 2009


In about 4 hours, President Obama will give an address to congress and the nation. This will be VERY interesting not only for what he says but how he says it. Since you can expect "these are the fixes we've begun" you know he'll sell them to all, just as he will the need for these. But what interests me most is HOW he says it - will you believe? Will the pundits back off even a little? A great PERFORMANCE would help quiet anxieties. He's given good calm speeches before. I doubt very much he'll adopt a new style. Still, this is a time to pull out the Ronald Reagan "Great Communicator Speech Guide." Actually, if you think about it, Clinton was 8 years of terrific speech making. Reagan was great at it. Kennedy too if you want to go back that far. Point is that many alive and watching will have those benchmarks to compare him to - will they feel reassured? This is a big, big deal. Hope is alive. Can the President amplify it?

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