Thursday, February 12, 2009


I have an excuse. It's the Jackhammering. Only in today's World Of Construction they don't use Jack, they use a long vibrating snout on an earth-moving thing where the claw used to be. Jack only weighs, what? - 250 pounds? This thing can press down with almost the whole weight of the earth-moving thing, like a ballet dancer on a pirouette (try that, spell-check!)

Since I work out of the house, when there's work, which isn't so much these days, I note the construction on the lot right next door, where the builder has decided to deal with drainage issues by digging out all around and now through the rock that is just below dirt here.

The builder is doing two homes at once. Both are white like the model's teeth in the tooth-whitening strips' ad. They are supposed to be one of harmony with nature. The design review committee approved this glaring assault on our rods and cones, perhaps as revenge against sentient life.

These two homes sit, in mid-construction - at the bottom of a longish downhill driveway and slope. Apparently it dawned on the builder that the water will run down the hill. Measures are underway to build a sluice.

Thankfully, I have nothing to record or the microphone would pick up the constant unique and immediately identifiable sound of steel on rock, hydrauliced to pulverize and annoy.

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