Monday, February 02, 2009


I TiVoed the 5 hour pregame. Thank God! I watched the good parts and raced through the rest. I'd give it about 50/50. There were some really good interviews. The 'panel' was good. NBC force fed way too much co-promotion and sponsorship filler. Al Roker was awful. The whole celebrity room whatever was a terrible idea. Maybe it appeals to the lowest low common denominator, but it sucked for me. Bad idea, bad staging, bad host.

Faith Hill is amazingly beautiful. When I met her before her career blossomed, you wouldn't have said anything but nice. Now, it's WOW. She sang as beautifully as she looks.

Jennifer Hudson did what may be the best (other than Ray Charles) Star Spangled banner I've ever heard. And she looked nervous, which endeared her to me even further. Especially after her recent losses, it had to be an emotional whirlwind. She SOARED. THIS WAS A MOMENT OF ABSOLUTE GREATNESS!

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - blew the house apart. I wouldn't have thought it could happen. The best half-time ever? It gets my vote. (And I own not one Springsteen CD, though that could change asap!)

The game was just a bit of a letdown until the end. I rooted for Kurt Warner because of his unlikely story. The Cards killed themselves with penalties. Larry Fitzgerald can FLY! Amazing! I wish he would have had another half dozen passes to him.

Maybe it's me - I felt the whole spectacle other than the halftime show seemed smaller, even on our 60 inch screen in HD. Or maybe the reality of HD makes it all a little too real.

As for the commercials: obviously moved some males to their site but it was sleazy, I thought. Liked: Hulu with Alec Baldwin. Land Of The Lost. Audi. Grease Monkeys. Pepsuber. Power of the Crunch: Doritos. Yeah there was cute and great production but in the 30 second end little really reached me. Worst: Ed McMahon.

I'll bet a lot of people will disagree with me.

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