Thursday, February 05, 2009


I voted for Obama. I desperately want change from the past 8 years' worth of ugly.

My view may be blurred by idealism, cataracts, floaters, and astigmatism. I admit that. I think the new administration is blowing it. Here's why.

In my opinion, the masses don't notice but the peaks and valleys of politic. They DO notice when their wallet is empty, their home foreclosed, their homeland attacked, their job gone. They notice hypocrisy, which is so brightly underlined by news and commentation.

Obama said he represented clean government. No lobbyists in his admin. Then, okay, a few exceptions. Several of his nominees for cabinet have tax problems - bad vetting, obviously.

The public is going, "where's the stimulus package?" and the man simply can't deliver. The Republicans are slowing it down (rightly or wrongly I don't know.) The point is the EXPECTATION has been set up to deliver us. The REALITY is, it ain't happening. Not yet.

Instead, the government pushes back digital TV transition to June. How VERY insignificant. And while it may be important to those upon whom the bungled deal fell apart - they got no converter boxes and the funding ran out - to the other 250 million, they're thinking, "Why are they screwing around with THAT?"

And Obama supporters are asked to hold home meetings to discuss things.

What we need is the appearance of, and effect of, a successful economic recovery plan, passed, and on the books. LEADERSHIP. EFFECTIVE leadership. Results.

Obama needs to show some strong emotion against wall street and their orgy of masturbatory bonuses. More than "it's shameful." It might not be his style and who knows what goes on behind the door out of the public view, but I feel, and so do all of us here at me, that he's losing his luster quickly.

I still believe and want to believe, but a thick crust is forming on my idealism. Surely there must be some smart guys in the administration who can get the job done and read the public properly. These first 100 days aren't being managed properly, in my myopic opinion. It worries me.

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