Thursday, September 28, 2006


Before we moved here, one of the lowest rated tv (news) stations began to hire away the Big successful team, one by one. It was completed after a long sit-out by the male of the team, waiting for a non-compete to expire. This is the station we watch - it's a CBS affiliate. CBS might even own it, I'm not sure. Ratings are apparently coming up, but not #1. The station with very bad audio and shouting weak anchor woman is #1. (Hint: It ain't the quality so it must be the lead-ins or viewer habit, or voodoo.)

The station that the Big team came from runs a crawl under the news. I hate crawls as they make me work my eyes way too much. I can't resist reading them. (I hate TVs in restaurants for the same reason, as I am distracted away from Terri or our guests time and again!)

So the competing station with the new old Big anchor team recently added crawls. But they have only maybe 4 or 5 stories on that crawl that repeat ad nauseum. Perhaps their crawl generator doesn't have any capacity? Here's the amazing part: REPEATEDLY, night after night, there are errors in the crawl. I am tempted to call and lecture the news director on the proper use of "its" versus "it's!" Wouldn't you think a news director would watch the newscast and notice that someone has grade school punctuation problems?

Maybe it's the dumbing down of America.

Speaking of dumb, I read today that a candidate for president of Equador called Bush dimwitted, and refered to the recent Venuezuelan UN insult that Bush was the devil, as an insult to the devil! He said the devil was evil but intelligent! Yeah, they love our foreign policy.

Saw a commercial for Burger King in which "everybody's got the sits" was the clever line. The slab -o- road kill on a bun is so big you apparently have to sit to eat it. Wha?

I am surely losing my mind.

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