Tuesday, September 05, 2006


The world lost the Crocodile Hunter. I am deeply saddened. Maybe it was his boyish enthusiasm that made him such an easy guy to like - maybe his sense of adventure... so many times I'd turn away from the screen and say don't DO THAT!!!

Last night CNN ran an old Larry King hour with Steve. I actually had some tears. Bet I wasn't alone.

Part of the tragedy was how it happened. Such a rare accident. If he had been snagged by a very poisonous snake he was handling, then you'd think too bad - his fault. But this seemed to be much more innocent.

I have video of Terri and I feeding Stingrays in Tahiti - standing among them in the ocean, being covered at times with their curiously soft bodies... nobody mentioned that the barbs are extremely painful, or even that you could conceivably take one in a place you would prefer to keep barbless.

My thoughts and feelings go out to Steve's wife and family. This is just so sad.

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