Friday, September 22, 2006


I hate taking the car/s in for service. They always seem to find something 'else.' 'Else' costs between $500 and $1000.

My feelings have evolved over years of bad service. Porsche was the WORST. They couldn't fix things even after 4 attempts.

Yesterday I took my car in. It's a 1998 Audio A6. Needs another set of tires, and, while they are at it, an oil change... I plan to keep it running a long time (am told the engine is a strong one) and I hope to not be back for service for another 6 months or more. So change the oil.

I also need a fix for where I pulled the front bumper loose on a too high curb at a movie theater. Oughta be a law! Weeellllll, they might be able to fix in the repair area or (minor chord music goes here) THE BODY SHOP.

At 8 years and counting, the car looks great, usually runs very well, is comfortable, and I like it very very much. But I don't need it perfect. I fear the call - "you need a new bumper..." That will take me into the THOUSANDS and it's just beyond the point of no return.

The longer I wait for the call the more ominous it becomes.

Oh - and service rep says - "New tires... do you want us to put them on the car?" This may be the dumb question of the month if not the year. I was stunned into politeness - "Yes, please." But later I thought up some snappy replies.

"No, I'll eat them here."

"No, just let me roll them along side the car."

---- Later ----

I call THEM. "Is my car ready?" "Oh yes, they just finished cleaning it up."

I drive to the dealership. About 45 minutes away.

The car has new tires and has been re-oiled. But they 'couldn't fix the bumper.' And the bill was wrong. And when I got home there's a piece missing which goes in the middle of one of the wheels.

I hate service.

I HATE service.

"Why didn't you TELL me it wasn't fixed?" "Well, it takes longer than a few days to get into the body shop." Get the drift? A conversation going nowhere. Bad communication. I will speak to the manager Monday when he returns from a trip. As I said to the cashier, isn't the profit on a new $80,000 car worth more than bad communication? I guess my next car - if an Audi, will perhaps be purchased somewhere else.

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