Sunday, September 24, 2006


Netflixed to our DVD player, this movie has an impressive list of stars: Sir Ben Kingsley, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Lucy Liu, Stanley Tucci, Josh Hartnett.

I had put it into our list based on that, not really knowing what it was about. Later I read a bad review. I write bad review and I mean bad and also negative. Bad, because it was negative. The film wasn't.

It requires thought. In one of the 'extras' one of the actors says this attracted him because it was a movie that gave the audience some credit for being able to think.

No, it's not perfect. But it IS darn good, with impressive acting and a great script. I don't want to write about the plot since I could spoil it for those who take my tout. A warning: The beginning won't make immediate sense. Roll with it.

I will say the extra, wherein the stars discuss the film, is cool - you can feel the genuine affection they have for each other's talent and for being in a good, clever movie that's well done. None of this comes across as hype or PR... one of them said everyone on the crew - not just those scheduled that day - came onto the set to watch Kingsley and Freeman in a major scene they shared, just to see these great actors at their craft. I believe it.

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Anonymous said...

I'd recommend putting "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" on your Netflix queue. Great film in that same vein (I am told...I haven't seen "Slevin").

St. Louis Park, MN