Thursday, September 07, 2006


Ever call in to win something? Most people don't, but I am going to spill the telephone beans: when a radio station says, "Call Now" - if you get a fast busy signal, you didn't even get out of your local telephone office 'switch.' Let's say you are in a community 10 miles from the downtown radio station... fast busy means you were choked off at the local switch - your call didn't even get to the downtown normal-sounding 'busy.' Stations have special numbers designed to NOT blow out the whole system due to overloads. That's how they behave - only a few calls are allowed simultaneously from each area.

The way to get through is to use a CELLPHONE. There's no guarantee you will get through - but your chances go way up!

Also, if calling Ticketmaster when "Tickets go on sale" try the cell. Same idea. Also try a long distance market - say, some place far enough away that locals will not be going to the show near you - if you can get a local area coded Ticketmaster number for that area code - call that one.

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