Friday, September 29, 2006


I have come to believe that the lack of security surrounding electronic voting machines will throw another election. I have also come to believe that the republicans stole the last presidential election from Gore. Have to admit he's not been (seemingly) too bitter. I would be. Read about Ohio if you want more conspiracy.

But that's not why I am here today. I found another great lie.

They are like dandilions in spring - virtually everywhere. All you have to do is look.

There's a new technology which is called HD Radio. It "promises" CD quality on FM, what you've been used to on FM on AM. It can do this. Few people know about it. Some stations ARE broadcasting a separate HD signal along with their analog signal, but radios are expensive, relatively unknown and also unavailable. Terrestrial radio thinks this will beat back satellite radio because there's no fee.

BTW: I predict satellite radio will fold, or at least cease to exist as we know it today within a few years. Floating to earth will be the founders under golden parachutes. Their losses of billions will be seen as a mighty try. In fact, the business model is grossly flawed.

But that's not why I am here.

Today's lie is this: while the HD proponents are claiming CD quality, one major group I know, in a market I know, is pumping out "HD" at bit rates below, uh, WAY BELOW CD. In fact below normal FM - 32k if you know what that is. What's this mean? It means hammered crap audio. It means they are using the rest of the digital pipe for other crap. More streams of other crap means more opportunities for 'monetization.' But lies can be SPUN and there's the charm, you see.

I believe I know what can SAVE HD before it is stillborn, and offer it to the world: The angle: HD Fights Terrorism. That apparently is all it takes to change/ignore the constitution, spend/waste billions, etc. It ought to be enough to get America to turn their knobs.

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