Wednesday, January 03, 2007


The project was approved by Paul, Ringo, and Those Who Matter In The Lives Of The Fab Four and/or their estates. The idea was to marry (sorry Paul, bad word there) the music of the Beatles with Cirque de Soleil with Las Vegas acting as preacher.

Sir George Martin and his son Giles were given the task. They had access to all the Beatles' master recordings. The resulting CD is out now, titled LOVE.

It's amazing. If you lilked the Beatles, you will - um, LOVE this. One warning - don't read the track list. RESIST! If you don't, you will have lots of surprises, and you'll have a ball.

Some of the songs are completely intact - I think - some are edited or remixed. Overall, it sounds as if the Beatles did parts of it, uh, Yesterday. Sorry. Proof that Tomorrow Never Knows.

This is as close to AN EXPERIENCE as a CD is going to get you. My recommendation is to get relaxed, turn out the lights... fire it up... and enjoy.

This was the most Beatle-fun I've had since the first time I heard Sgt. Pepper.

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