Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Cabin Sweet Cabin

Last weekend we spent a few days at Bastrop State Park. Terri had rented a cabin there. Not too rustic, it had heat and hot water, but it was still a ton of fun!

Bastrop State Park is otherworldly compared to Austin, though only 50 miles away from our house. The reason? Tall pines. Here, trees are oaks and short. There, the ground is orange from pine needles everywhere. Geodes are sprinkled around, too.

We set out, confident that we had way-overpacked for our few days. Wasn't till I unpacked that I discovered I left out the, uh, toiletries (and waterproof camera case for my new camera.)

It only took a day before the toothbrushless life got to me, and we set out to find Bastrop the town. Entering the huge Wal-Mart I discovered to my delight - better donuts than we get at the local market. Donuts? You bet. Then, I grabbed a toothbrush and paste too.

Back at the cabin brushing: ACK!!! Bubblegum flavored Colgate! I hadn't read the label. Just grabbed/conquered in a manly way and split the Wal-Mart scene.

I gotta tell ya, bubblegum flavored toothpaste is like washing with mud. It's just WRONG.

At one point I was tending our outdoor fire and the charcoal grille we also had going. Night fell. Terri went inside to get the food. WILD ANIMALS were making noises near the lake behind us. I thought maybe Racoons... or...? (Later we found out - three ducks. Wild? One was domestic.)


Good company, books, a nice hike, and even an hour of staring at the roaring fireplace in the dark while a 'cold front' had descended on us... it all was magic.

Bastrop, by the way, is a town so small they don't have a marching band - just a car alarm.

I discovered the many ways NOT to take pictures... and a few ways to do it correctly. The new camera is very advanced with many options with which I am not yet familiar. I may post a few to this post once I get some time.


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