Tuesday, January 30, 2007


It's automatic, it's manual. It knows what you are thinking. Otherwise how could it confuse you? I love my new D-SLR (digital SLR) by Olympus. But so far it continues to frustrate me. (Maybe I should read more of the instructions? I breezed through them twice, but, well, you know guys vs. instructions.)

What I love about it is that I can easily affect flash shots to output more or less light. I can even bracket a picture by taking three versions at different settings very quickly. (Just don't ask me how to turn that on yet.) One of my pet peeves is that so many flash pictures are too bright up close. Too dark beyond that.

I've only used the wide angle lens so far - it came with another longer one too, but I prefer wide.

There are so many settings to decode... I am learning - slowly.

My gripe is that I haven't found a quick way to see the pictures I have taken, once loaded into the computer. I have some theories about what I should do, but haven't tried them yet.

Here's a picture - it's not touched up.

I'm going to try to find some of the pictures from Bastrop State Park where we weekended a few weeks ago (blog below somewhere) and add pictures to it.

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