Tuesday, January 30, 2007


In Minneapolis, the weather people on TV would get very serious about snow. (It averages 55 inches a year) "OOOOOoooooooo here it comes." Like anyone who's been there a full year doesn't know what it means.

Here, in Austin, we just had an ice storm and they were pretty rational about it all - it's rare and everyone seemed to take it in stride. Which means people stayed home. But now - here comes the Arctic chill a.k.a. The Pipe Buster!

It's amusing to me that they've been predicting this two weeks out (and rarely get TOMORROW right!) And the low predictions vary between teens and 20s. Oooooooooo. This is coming from the north pole. Normal daytime high today would be 62, just for comparison.

When I had a radio station to program I very seriously wanted to do what I am about to suggest but never could get the morning show to see the humor.

We'd do the weather with our weather guy. We'd do it with a dog (one bark means clear, or whatever code.) We'd do it with a nun (I figure she knows God, maybe gets the inside scoop.) And a fortune teller. Then keep score. Fun? Or just crazy?

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