Monday, January 22, 2007



My mother claimed to have seen a UFO from a roof top restaurant in Naples. Our neighbors in Minnesota had a very close encounter when they lived in Nebraska - a silent globe went right by their outdoor deck while they were there! (They were reluctant to give full details - we had to pry it out of them - so it didn't seem to be a hoax.)

Many reports of lights, etc., are obviously not otherworldly. But I remain intrigued, since, if it were true that we were being visited by intelligent life from other worlds or dimensions, it'd be the biggest story ever.

Here's what I don't get: At night, many appear to drive around with their lights on. Which would mean that they don't care about being spotted. (Or they are bad at it. That conflicts with the intelligence necessary to build one of these things.) If being obvious doesn't matter, why not be more obvious in the daytime? If we are ants to their intelligence, why worry about the reaction? That'd be like a human worrying about an ant reaction to his choice of shoes.

If they are intelligent enough to get here, you'd think they'd be better at hiding. If they don't care, you'd expect to see more obvious ones out in the open.

There are some very good photos taken over the years. I expect these to get better and more prevalent with so many cell phone cameras in the world today!

I co-produced a radio broadcast on UFOs which aired in 30 countries on this subject back in, oh, 1976. I can tell you some of the people I interviewed were pretty darn straight-arrow types.

There are stories of those in the military who "saw a flying saucer", etc. who were then commanded to shut up about it - forever. Some of those are old enough to not care and the word gets out. One of the astronauts - I forget which one - he was one of the originals - before becoming an astronaut - was in charge of a film crew which saw and clearly filmed what appeared to be a flying saucer on the ground. The military took the film and that was the last anyone heard of it.

I suppose social institutions would break down - religions would have some adjustments to make - and if WAY advanced, those from other worlds could have a profound effect on our group psyches. Maybe there's a rule about being stealthy (if so, some are breaking it!)

Some say it's the military. I say - if so, then why don't they use the darn things in the war. Talk about shock and awe!

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