Monday, March 17, 2008


There should be a short film here. This is a test. I have fought for days trying to load this onto my website but without luck so far. It 'transcodes' and produces an html player, but never ever arrives (not unlike the pre-show entertainment at the local cineplex, except there's nothing but a circle circled. Or in the case of google, it ain't available. It CAN'T be this hard. There are a lot of places that will suck $97 out of your wallet as they assure you how easy it is. (And usually forgetting to explain the ONE thing the non-geek needs to know!) I remain skeptical! Long live still photos.PS: This isn't the film - it's only one scene. And since it takes so long to get into the blog (or not), I thought I'd try to book a seat before I get bumped off the flight.

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