Monday, March 31, 2008


Ten cubic yards of dirt are now spread all over the areas I had planned and beyond. Three pallets of grass are now sitting on top, and thank you very much, it's raining today. This stuff might grow if you keep it wet for two weeks. They say.

Caliche soil is common here - it's limestone and not a lot of dirt - so you need to do some work to get sod to grow. We've tried seed several times and each time just threw our money into the wind. You could hear the presidents laughing as they blew away.

I did more heavy labor than perhaps anytime in my life - at least no other siege comes to mind; also, back THEN I was younger and less prone to aches and pains, whatever it was I did.

Shovelling snow was probably it. Heavy wet snow. Lots of it. (I note the forecast calls for snow today and tomorrow in Minneapolis. How did we make it through that weather?)

I've also started a new venture. Rather than fully describe it here (though there's a summary in the post below), I'll direct you to the new web site. This could be the next thing for me combining entrepreneurial and voice work and audio production. I figured I needed a video on site. I had the program but zero knowledge. 3 weeks of almost full time work and study took me to where I am. I'd change just one insignificant thing but I'm not going NEAR that program for a while.

ALL my muscles - the ones in body and head - need a break. I'll work on the mailing list, the template for same, and the database.

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