Monday, March 31, 2008


...reminds me of someone. I just figured out who. Her voice, especially when she gets going, sounds like my pet parrot I had for almost 18 years.

Maybe she should cut back on the seed.

I'll bet her advisors have declared that should she ever wear a dress instead of a pant suit her (I imagine) chalky legs will blow out the tubes on old b&w TVs. They could spray her some tan. But that's not presidential. Nor germane.

To me, Bill Clinton is starting to look much older and cranky.

Behind the scenes they are working on an exit strategy for her - become guv for New York - the state where everybody does everybody else (no, it wouldn't fit on the license plate.) She'd avoid those who back stabbed her in congress and let whomever botch it for 4 years then come back strong. Likely in pantsuits.

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