Thursday, March 06, 2008


It was supposed to rain today, not that it HAS and the weather boobs around here are so often wrong it'd be a smart bet to bet against their forecasts; nevertheless, noting that you have to water IN the various killer chemicals I purchased, I spread a second dose of agent orange or whatever the hell it is yesterday. There's me, in long pants and shirt, with cap, protective goggles, a respirator, and a hand cranked spreader, doing my thing under a glorious blue sky.

I will admit that some of the clover has turned to broccoli. That's good. The crab grass is the big target this year. It has been spreading like crabgrass, and must be stopped! I have three kinds of crabgrass killer and my double dose should upset some
ecological balance.

And of course it hasn't rained.

Meanwhile they've recalled some Aunt Jemima pancake mix as possibly containing salmonella. Jemima, al qaeda - hmmmm. BTW: she's thinner on her picture now. I haven't looked since I was a kid. Photoshop? Radicalism? Pancake poison. What's next? I can't get the weeds to even cough and Auntie J is sending thousands to the place of intestinal pain. The world is out of whack.

Meanwhile I am exploring a way to do a very short (minute) movie to show off my voice skills to some professionals in a professional way. More later.

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