Thursday, March 13, 2008


I'm making a movie. Or film. Or promotional web something. Only trouble is, I don't know what I'm doing. Although I AM pretty good at feeling my way through the process. Irony: at the time I started production I received the video (trailer) below for which I did the voiceover. This one was as most are - a bit odd - in that I never saw what I was reading to, and it was recorded here in my home studio then sent off to the producers.

Try to click on this. I think you need Quicktime, but I'm unsure. Click twice if once doesn't work for you.

There it is. The problem I will have to confront, perhaps as early as today, is getting the film I am working on to show UP on my new website It's a big file, though only a minute or so long, to promote me as a Voiceover Guy for the heathcare biz. I want it to look pro and good. Start laughing now.

I see why it takes so long to do these things - first you put up the pictures (once you find the shots - I looked at thousands of stock films!) and narration, then you start to trim the videos by juuuuust a little (ooops) then add sound effects, then (ooops) mess with the video a bit or the transitions from scene to scene.

I am almost done again. Yesterday I did something bad and the title wouldn't go away through every scene. I had to semi-start over. I almost don't want to go there... so close.... so far.

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