Thursday, March 20, 2008


Give it a chance. I went for quality. When I recover I wiil back down the quality for faster load time.

The website is

The idea is simple: docs don't have enough face time with patients. Add in a CONDITION and there's the very real possibility that once they hear they HAVE IT, all other words are lost on the patient. It's too overwhelming. Therefore, what if the doc could acknowledge this and give a CD to take home and share with the family -on it he/she would explain the situation generically, thoughtfully, and fully discuss options. This can be in a narration where I read his script - he can read his script, or just talk, or do a prepared q and a with me. Recorded professionally at his office or my studio. Completely edited. (Preview copies every step of the way.)

All is fully pro, is audio only, to keep costs down, but a pro photographer does the in office/clinic/hospital shots for the CD wallet and all is very carefully monitored at every step of the production process. Well, heck, you can read about it on The site.

Whoops - just realized that the file size of the video is too large for Google. After a little while I may, as I said, redo to speed up the load time. So see it on the site if you care.

If a doc, there's a form to fill out ON the site for more info.

Great for dental surgeons, general practitioners, clinics, wellness advocacy, extended care facilities, diet gurus, plastic surgeons, equipment or pharmaceutical manufacturers, etc.

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