Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I just experienced what could best be termed confusion and worst termed SCAMS!

I went to buy a camera battery at Best Buy. Online it said they were in stock at my local store and even on sale (about $36.) The cash register computer didn't know about the sale. Then, attempting to pay with Reward Zone credit, I was told I wasn't paying enough to use my Reward Zone $50 certificate. They could change the price to $50 and use it all up.

I deferred. "Get me the manager." A guy comes up - I ask him if he's the manager - he says, "Sorta." He claims to be the supervisor. I say I want the real manager. "They're at lunch," he says (it's about 3:30) - "Late lunch," I say. "They're at dinner," he then says. "Early dinner," I say.

Here's what's wrong:

Reward Zone certificates are only good for items priced at or ABOVE the certificate.

Reward Zone certificates EXPIRE (I'd say it looks to be about 6 months.)

The 'supervisor' said he could change the price to $29.95 if I'd pay cash, which I did. I WILL RETURN and burn up all my credit, staying as close to the magic number as I can.

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