Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I don't know who or what you can believe anymore. There seems to be lies and manipulation in so many places.

Example: Bill Clinton, on WHYY - a radio station serving Pennsylvania (you can look it up and hear it for yourself) said the Obama Campaign used the race card on him, then, within 24 hours, he claims he never said it. I heard it. You can too, if you care. It was too direct a statement for him to conveniently forget it the next day. It wasn't off mic or anything like that.

Example: Rev. Wright apparently goes for the ego gratification or money and takes big shots at Obama. I would think the man preaches charity. What a mean man.

Silly example: WTF? Paula Abdul attempts to critique two songs by same singer moments after she only heard one song by him on American Idol. Says she was confused. How confused can you get - you sit there and they sing mere feet from you!?

Silly example 2: Disney is all agitated about Miley Cyrus's Vanity Fair pictures, yet
according to TMZ, Disney advertises with underage-looking girls in lingerie, just not in this country. Click here to see! Huh? (personally I don't even know who Miley IS except she's been in the news.)

Now, about those WMDs...

BTW: Did you know that it was an American tank that actually pulled down the statue of Saddam? It's always cropped out of the picture it seems.

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