Friday, April 25, 2008


It seems I can't go to LOWES and escape for under $50 - and that's for the small everyday things. Lighbulbs, paint brush, this or that.

MOVIES: Almost $20 to get in, then another $10 on vittles. $8 for the after-movie visit to the Gellato place (the ice creamery is even more.)

It really seems that I cannot leave the house for under $50. Include gas and even the free things add up pretty quickly. You really feel the gas price pinch when you fill up the containers for gassing up the lawnmower/weed whacker. Maybe that's because you actually get a THIS IS ALL A GALLON IS sizing-versus-pricing.

The house directly across the street is for sale: $2,490,000!!! WTF!? How'd we ever get into this neighborhood - where State taxes are based on home value?

It's all a mess - the war, the economy... Bush's approval rating is the lowest measured. Or maybe it's his disapproval rating is the highest. Same thing?

BTW: in France, they are very upset with their president who, I believe, has about the same approval rating as Bush. It seems they care more about these things over there.

I wish Hillary would stop eating that seed. She sounds more and more like a parrot. Michigan doesn't count. Now it does! Awwwk!


Bill Clinton - clearly - all over the internet now - said the Obama campaign played a race card on him and then - again, all over the web - publicly denies he ever said that. Bill, you've lost it. Sorry. Time to sit down.

Can we get this mess turned around?

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