Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I read something in the paper today which stated that it costs more energy to produce a gallon of ethanol from corn that it will then generate as ethanol.

That's not to say that alternative fuels are a bad idea, just that corn isn't a great place to start. Here's more.

"Goldman Sachs says the cost of ethanol from corn is $81 a barrel (oil equivalent), with wheat at $145 and soybeans $232. It is built on subsidy.

New technology may open the way for the use of non-edible grain stalks to make ethanol, but for now the only bio fuel crop that genuinely pays its way is sugar cane ($35). Sugar is carbohydrate: ideal for fuel. Grains contain proteins made of nitrogen: useless for fuel, but vital for people.

Whatever the arguments, politics is intruding. Food export controls have been imposed by Russia, China, India, Vietnam, Argentina, and Serbia. We are disturbingly close to a chain reaction that could shatter our assumptions about food security."

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