Sunday, April 06, 2008


Today we went to a juried art show in Marble Falls. Juried means it's good stuff. One of the pictures (Photographs) I admired - had a story of the photographer studying the lighting conditions of the scene for 4 days then standing in freezing water for hours taking 252 pictures of the same scene before he got what he wanted. It was beautiful. Me, I'm becoming more wasteful - which is good - since digital costs nothing - and I'll take a couple shots of something of interest, though I haven't taken dozens, and I haven't gone back for the perfect lighting. Which brings us to today's adventure.I'll sell ya any one of these for a good price, maybe one figure, not the 4 figures the freezing guy was asking.

This is called "Everybody gets Some Space Somewhere"

Hay For Sale

(looks much better if only you could see it larger).

We tried repeatedly to get into the Bluebonnet Cafe which is famous worldwide. The wait was an hour and a half minimum, then when there was no line we found why - it had closed for the day.

So we searched for, and found another joint outside of which, and I assume inside of which, was one SEXYASSBITCH. But we didn't see anyone matching that description. Sadly.

Your average yuppified chain restaurant like, oh, TGIFridays, hangs all sorts of cute yuppie things on the walls: here's an OAR. Here's a water ski. Not the Marble Falls River City Grille:

Every once in a while something hits my eye, but I cannot control enough of it on the spot for whatever reason, so this has been photoshopped like crazy, but I like it a lot!

I still am too shy to walk up to a stranger and ask if I can take their picture. So I get a lot of these going-way shots. And they usually are better than posed pictures.

Biker Love.

Finally, a reminder that we were out in the country, by god!

Cacti Color

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