Sunday, April 27, 2008


Non Smoking Gun

Last night we had hail. Now guess which night of more than 3 years were we forced to park both cars outside the garage?

The painters have turned the garage into a paintshop where they have been spraying trim (door and wall) as part of the remediation process for a pipe leak we discovered on Easter. Water was squishing between the wooden floor boards-on-concrete slab. We hope to have new trim and flooring installations underway this coming week.

The good news is that the plumbing sub who put the pipes into the house in the first place admitted their culpability after we found the pipe which was installed though half-sawed through. Eventually it gave way.

This took my music room down, along with the equipment closet and hallway. Holes were punched in walls and many boards stripped from the floor and trim from walls as they had wicked the water.

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