Thursday, August 28, 2008


Good, bad, and in-between, Bill Clinton sure knows how to speak to a crowd. Last night's speech showed that (and those who know, say he wasn't even going full out.)

I DID notice he said Barrack Obama is the man you should vote for... man... get it? Well, that's just me.

But if you see the campaign video still floating around from the Hillary campaign, in which he said the Obama campaign is a 'fairy tale' then it's easy to disrespect the sincerity he poured on last night. Of course, this is what his party expected of him - to support the cause.

Bill must swim in sleaze, and he'll seemingly say or do whatever it takes. I don't think I like that one bit. If he'll do it so blatantly, then what must he do behind closed doors (interns aside?)

Probably my perverted sense of things, but I got the distinct impression that Hillary was laughing all the way through his speech at the position he was in - she knew what he wanted to say and laughed at his tap-dancing.

Bill might be morally bankrupt (though his work on AIDS, etc., is in some odd contrast with that) or at least overdrawn on his account, but he's SMART. And Hillary is SMART. That leads me to conclude there was plenty of subtext and bullshit spun from the pulpit last night.

Tonight at the stadium Barack has to hit it out of the park.

Speaking of the park, last night we also watched the closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics which we had recorded. Can I just say, TACKY. Ginormous, yes. Tacky, indeed. The thing smacked of UP WITH PEOPLE meets THE JUNE TAYLOR DANCERS meets a coked up impresario meets DISNEY. Good fireworks though.

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