Tuesday, August 05, 2008


It's August 5th... mid summer... but maybe because the weather was hot early this year - May for sure, maybe April? --- my internal clock says it's fall. Odd. We are still having 100+ degree days. 42 so far, I believe.

I am sitting watching radar for the remains of Eduard which are slated to dump some much-needed water onto the area. We are way off for the year. I assume we won't have too much wind this far inland, and I hope not, because the house under construction next door has stacks of uninstalled Spanish tiles on its roof, and they could "kite."

<<< We got no wind and only about a minute of rain. This should help grow serious complacency for the next one. >>>

Later this year we will go to the wilds of Utah and Wyoming where my clock will be smashed. We'll trade hills for mountains and low trees for tall ones and summer for fall.

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