Friday, August 29, 2008


The newsers were all atwitter about how he would need to define himself, and specifically address the claims made by the Republicans as to his experiential unworthiness. Not that they said it that way.

Some said the Acropolis they were building for him in the stadium was too vainglorious.

But, as fate would have it, it all worked.

Not quite up to the charm that Ronald Reagan could pull off, but very, very well written, very very well delivered, structured beautifully, I feel he hit it out of the park and then some. Some of the pundits I heard were almost speechless. The initial Republican shot back didn't even make sense.

I especially liked the Acropolis... two reasons...

1- This set made it appear on most camera angles that he was in a 'white house-like' environment; one that spoke of authority, and subtle hints of power. It was elegant but understated on camera, in closeup or medium shot (no columns in that view.)

2- The walk to the podium was powerfully dramatic. (And by the way, his film was incredible - already a supporter, I was wowed! Love the story of his first date with his now wife. She fell in love with him on the first date after seeing him in civic action.)

I loved, 'they don't get it, this isn't about ME, it's about YOU...' Great line.

And so: Believable? check. Specific? check. Powerful? check. Empathetic? check. Detailed? check. The risk of appearing in a huge stadium for Obama (as too much of a celebrity) was a clear victory of staging.

You could almost hear the question from the newsers... "What in hell can the Republicans do to match THIS?" McCain is horrible on the prompter. His grin turns on and off cartoonily, even eerily, like it's disconnected from the rest of him.

The Republicans had better conjure up Ronald Reagan's ghost.

Even Hillary and Bill must have been thinking... yeah, she lost this time, but he's darn good.

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