Saturday, August 30, 2008


The steaming bullshit in this election cycle is a global warming problem we don't need!

Catch the lack of logic: McCain says Obama isn't ready to lead because he has a lack of experience.

So he selects a woman with even LESS experience!!! to be one heartbeat away from his presidency - McCain - the oldest geezer ever in the chair if he gets to sit in it.

This is like a good Frank Capra script, or a bad Hollywood script: I can't decide.

Capra: McCain gets in, dies, and she turns out to be a wonderful leader.

Bad script: Or... he dies, she takes over, and is puppeteered by those who seize upon her inexperience to 'help her.'

I don't wish McCain harm. I don't wish Palin ill.

At the end of this run, it will be said (if he wins) that this was a brilliant counterstrike strategy. If he loses, one of the dumbest moves, ever. I don't see any in-between.

It's a pretty tough deal to introduce an unknown and sell her to the public in this short a time span. Unless she has a whole heap of charisma, likely impossible.

Oh - that noise? It's Hillary's teeth grinding!

Yesterday I saw McCain answer a question about Palin's credentials, and in the reply he even mentioned her PTA experience. Seriously. As an example of her executive abilities. He really did.

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