Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I enjoy watching the details as much as the main story.

There's Andrea Mitchell, for NBC News, on the floor with a bad microphone connection. She's a real pro - just keep going as if nothing is wrong. (What else could you do? Well, believe me, it's an adrenal moment.)

There's the NBC newscast Monday night, with Brian Williams at the convention. He intros a 'package' which means a reporter standup into a recorded piece. Immediately following, the screen jumped to Beijing, where Lester Holt was standing, awaiting his intro. He picked up on what happened without missing a beat, ad-libbed his own intro. Very pro.

Then back to Brian, who explained what happened. No fluster to be seen. Again, very pro. And these newscasts are timed to the split-second, so that left some time to fill somewhere. Again, Brian filled at the end of the newscast with no visible effort. Smooth.

Hillary did what was 'the right thing,' calling for unity in her speech. She works a PA system and crowd pretty well. (Speak clearly and slowly. Establish a good rhythm.) Gee, I am sick of the pantsuit. Having Chelsea narrate the film (which was great) was a slick idea... and it linked nicely to having her intro Mom with efficient brevity, live. Chelsea almost delivered the final recorded line correctly. It needed to be bigger, and a pause in the right place would have done it. I wonder if she had a director, and if so, if he/she really understood impact. Nevertheless, that young woman must be an interesting person, given her genes and upbringing!

I almost sigh every time I see Caroline Kennedy. It isn't lust or anything like that, but more than anyone she represents for me the lost hope and dreams of Camelot. She's like the sister we never had. She seems classy. I like classy.

Teddy must have seriously reformed himself along the way. But I can never see him without wondering about Chappaquiddick, a car, a bridge, the water, and the trapped girl.

Michelle Obama also was impressive for someone relatively new to this. I thought her speech or delivery were a little tepid at the intro. She led with a bit of a joke and I think the delegates didn't feel comfortable enough with her to fall for it. Nice dress choice: green. Green is the color of nature, which equals nurture, and is peaceful.

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