Tuesday, August 26, 2008


"What we have heah, is a failyuh to communikate!" so said the prison boss in my memory to Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke.

That's where it seems to me we ARE with the politics of electing a new president. The this'n'that which appears as advertising seems more like third grade attempts at 'gotcha.' I admit I lean way toward Obama. Maybe this is why McCain seems like an old fool (though not entirely, with his $100 million wife and all those houses - a mighty nice rebound from POW.) He has contradicted his own bad self so many times it's like watching a ping pong game. Maybe Obama brings me a blink of hope, where I figure the old guys have screwed it up so much I just can't trust another one. Think ENRON, think high unregulated gas prices, think the housing crisis, find the source: McCain's advisor, Phil Graham.

I actually cut McCain slack on the home front, so to speak, as I believe he was groping for a truthful answer to how many houses he owns (some are in his wife's names, some his? Which is which? Is a condo a home in the context of the question? Or rental properties?

Obama seems stuck on the same message. I heard it. I got it. I wish he'd say something of substance NEXT. I wish either of them would explain HOW they think they might accomplish the general healing of the sick, the economy, the country, the war.

We should be IN THE STREETS about the waste in IRAQ - the lost moneys - the horrible construction failures at 'rebuilding' - the bogus war, the national debt.

The whole election process is one of grand promises with little attending hope to achieve those results. We are skating on a thick ice rink of reality, numbed by the cold, frozen to apathetic.

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