Saturday, September 27, 2008


I borrowed an infrared stealth homeland security and varmint cam. After several nights, we caught the bugger on video, continuing to rip apart our landscaping.

Today we stopped at Academy sports store to buy a trap. Academy is huge; along the wall with traps were duck decoys. The LUCKY DUCK QUIVERING DUCK BUTT caught my eye, as it will now doubt catch the sex-crazed eye of the poor duck that tries to ride this love boat.

You don't believe me, you city-dwelling prude? Click here

Terri and I also took advantage of the aging of our phones to extend the service contracts and get new ones. Hers was becoming cranky and mine was having battery issues.

What do you think arrived in email while we were at the phone store? CLICK THIS : I don't think this is a trick.

I think it explains why our new phones came with the deep-fryer options.

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