Friday, September 19, 2008


I am reminded of The EYE OF THE SPARROW sung by, I believe, Sammy Davis Jr., from the old TV series Barretta.

Recently I attempted to 'join' a stock=photo supplier - whereby they 'represent' your work as ad agencies, publications and what have you, shop at their site. While on vacation, their email notification was in the large stack awaiting our return.

"No, not good enough" is what I saw, though there were different words.

Farther down the stack of E was another from the same place:

"We're going out of business."

So it's, Bad, Bad, or Bad, Good, or Good, Good.

Were they too focused (pun!) on their product? Or not enough?

Which brings me to FRINGE, touted as the BEST NEW SHOW ON TELEVISION. Uhhh, no.
I've watched two episodes now. The sound is exceptional. The HD picture is great. The photography is exceptional. Episode 2 had great editing for about 5 minutes.

The plots have been awful. The writing GOD awful, the acting, especially of a lead character (the old guy) WAY over the moon. The lead actress just doesn't visually hold the screen for anything but one angle.

For five minutes, they had it going. Then it sucked and sucked and sucked. I am intrigued by - what could they DO to fix it? You'd have to shift the show's direction away from the old man but since he's crucial to finding oddball solutions to the problem du jour, that isn't likely.

Really disappointing. If they make it through 5 episodes, then that means there's nothing else on.

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