Wednesday, September 17, 2008


You might want to skip to the one below this if you aren't into politics. Below is a continuing story about Windows XP SP3, the final chapter to be written - or resolved - yet. EVERY TIME I get the computer to work right, I go and add something or upgrade (ha!) and it takes me back several steps. WHY I DON'T LEARN remains a mystery. It's a genetic urge toward progress maybe?

I just read something about why the media has been so nasty to Sarah Palin. I've got to get this off my chest.

"The media" doesn't exist. It's too broad a generalization. You can find a cable network which leans republican (FOX) and one which leans democrat (MSNBC). There's a lot less unanimity than has been suggested, though I think both 'sides' miss important points about their own cause celebs.

The Palin issue, to me, is that here's a woman with little experience who will surely be led around by the nose by those whose entire professional career has been to do just that - and they are really GOOD at it. If McCain should pass while in office, she's going to be so vulnerable to the system. It'd take Jimmy Stewart and a Mr. Deeds MOVIE SCRIPT to work it out differently.

I get the need for serious change. I want that. But to take someone with so little experience and set them into that scenario is just dangerous. We'd all like to believe that good triumphs evil, but that's naive, or to be less cynical, isn't in the mid-game, is maybe the end game. We'd all like to believe that someone with pure intentions or the commonality of us all (!?) could bring what we need. Folks, the system is CORRUPT. We are being LIED TO by both sides, call them sins of omission or commission... there are so many half truths: platform planks that can only be accomplished if CONGRESS goes along, or the SUPREME COURT goes along.

We have incredible waste, regulatory oversight gone lame, a gutted constitution, a war on two fronts (so far), a horrible economy, lack of leadership in so many ways, and so much more. We've got troubles!!! Jimmy Carter (arguably one of the highest IQ presidents ever) could simply not work the system. History repeats itself. You have to work the system.

In MY opinion, we need the inspiration and (god, I hope) drive of an Obama, coupled with the experience of Biden over the insubstantialities of McCain and Palin. Neither choice is perfect.

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