Monday, September 29, 2008


I thought I saw Katie Couric's eyeballs spin like slot machine windows when she interviewed Sarah Palin the other day. I watched a recording, which allowed me to rewind and answer my dumfounded, "WHA?"

Now Sarah faces a serious test - the debate Thursday night, with Senator Biden.

First of all, Biden is in a tight spot. He can't be bullying, condescending, or mock her at all. He's got to wait and let her do herself in or he'll be hated. And this guy also has a wingnut loose on his facts when he gets oratorally wound up, so to speak, so to speak. (sic)

The question is really this: Can Sarah memorize enough material to cover all or most of the questions she'll face? If she's able, that's the way to go.

Throw in a couple more "Hockey Mom" quotes, and the electorate not running for medication at that point will love her like a reality show 'star.'

And of course, if you don't know the answer, change the question, "Well, what I think needs to be said is this: ........."

Expectations are low - seriously low - so with a little memorization, she might actually do well.

"Gimme a "U" Gimme a "A" Gimme a "S".... no, wait... well, you know."

UPDATE: I read interviews with Alaska politicians who have debated her - they said she's tremendously effective at being liked even though her statements tend to be very broad non-answers. Both guys lost to her. I also read a very interesting theory - if you can call it that - that right after the debate Thursday, Biden will step down for health reasons and Obama will tap Hillary Clinton to be VP.

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