Wednesday, September 03, 2008


DEAD. Well, that sucks for us. I think his 'take' on the increasing ridiculousness of the election shrieking would serve for those thinking souls who are ready to throw up.

It's becoming so transparent.

Is that me, my age, my attention, focus, values? Or is it real?

The rebubbalicans (sic) have now decided that to forestall possible Palin nasty reportage from the press, they'll attack the press. Heck, they know that the press is held in low regard (along with congress, the president, the vice president.) Swing hard at what's already an easy target.

I couldn't stand last nights poli-babble. "Now on the floor of the convention, here's Andrea Mitchell with (anyname goes here)." "Anyname, how do you feel Sarah Palin will affect the election?" "Well, I think she's a tremendous asset. She's completely energized the base in a way no one else could have..."

It's amazing how quickly they all march in lock-step. Every interviewee said the same thing. "On message" is what they call it.

Are these people so needy and lost that they have to rely on group-think to substitute for greater depth?

And yes, I admit, the democrats do it too.

Even I fell for the company line when I worked for a big conglomerate. Like a dutiful party member, I would espouse the company line back down to my people. What an idiot I was. It meant zero to anyone, probably lowered my standing among my people, and when the conglomerate came to cut muscle along with fat, I got sliced. So much for loyalty. Meanwhile the bigs still flew around in private jets "for security reasons."

Politics plays like college football cheerleader-think. Slogans, cheers, and an emptiness filled by membership to the group... with the lower group intelligence of a mob.

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