Monday, January 26, 2009


First of all, let me start by saying I survied the Doctor, Dentist and Car Repair shop posted below. I wish I could add cheaply, but that would be untruthful.

Actually, the doctor visit was more nurse, in that she, a Travelling Phlebotomist (help me, oh mighty spell check!) did most of the doing. And no, I couldn't duck the 'bend over,' though I suppose if I did, it would bring about the same result. Now, somewhere in the Halls of Insurance, there is a statistic wizard searching for the not-so-elusive Holy Disqualification.

The car visit was a waste of two hours. The issue is that Terri's car will AIR CONDITION both passenger and driver, but only HEATS the passenger. The diagnosis was a $600 fix. (My fix is... Spring) I'm real suspicious on this one. Some little valve isn't doing its dance. Maybe Terri, on cold days, could drive from the right seat?

The dentist himself is a great guy. The tooth cleaning girl, not. She's new (why can't dentists keep the same oral hygienists?) and seems just out of school, to me.
She wanted to use the ultrasonic blaster which freaks me out, so I insisted she do the cleaning manually, and I now suspect she doesn't do this often, due to the pain.
The last girl did it with gentle care. This one, as if I were an enemy combatant.
And of course, as fate will allow, I must return in six weeks for another round.
Note that now the Xrays are hi-techified onto a wide screen tv.

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