Friday, May 02, 2008


You've seen time lapse films of construction projects? We are living beside two of them and the time lapse is amazingly fast. Watching homes be built here (as the 12th or 14th home occupied out of an eventual 400+) we've seen how some shoot up, some start and stop, while various sub contractors take their time, or don't show up for a time.

The project up the hill from us is moving at quite a clip. It seems every time I turn around there's a notable change. I believe that one is sold, so perhaps with a general housing slowdown there are more workers available per project. It's just amazing - in fact, I just spun my chair to take a look: yesterday, no roof... today, roof boards are up. That's a BIG house and a lot of boards. Amazing.

And on the subject, thank god for nailguns. I've spent time elsewhere next door to hammering. Now it's relatively quiet pop pop pop, done!

We are supposed to get the flooring reinstalled after our pipe leaker flood tomorrow. Place your bets.

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