Thursday, May 22, 2008


I TiVo the show... watch the performances, listen to the 'judges' and high speed to the next song. That makes it bearable.

This apparently was especially true for the two night grand finale - the bearable part - as the big fight analogy crap was wasted on me (other than the ring announcer guy - I like him for some reason.) Last night's season ender was so full of extraneous stuff even at high speed it appeared to be what it was - a hype for the tour of the top 10 finalists, a hype for former winners and 'stars' who had new CD projects to push.

Toward the end, I slowed down... ah, here were the two Davids standing with Seacrest and the envelope is presented by some hack accountant. I checked the timeline - the show often runs long but surely they will have this one timed to the second... won't they?

Seacrest says something like, "and this year's American Idol IIiiis DA... VID..." and the recording times out. Seriously. Couldn't have been more perfect.

I didn't even care enough to look it up on the web. It was in today's paper. What? 96 million votes (at $? a vote!?) somebody's making a TON on this show!
David ... COOK. Well, nice.

They both really won all the publicity and spotlight either can handle.

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