Monday, May 12, 2008


The painter left 20 minutes ago. My listening room, equipment closet and hallway are put back together (well, almost, there are still two pieces of flooring threshold due tomorrow. Also today. Also last week.) We expect the plumber to put the toilet back into the bathroom tomorrow morning (part of the search for the leak.)

All I have to do is give everything time to dry then do a really good cleaning and reinstall my gear.

My deal with myself is when someone is working in that room, I must be present. This is because of the nature of the equipment - very costly - PLUS a lot of the room is lined in fabric or fabric-covered insulation. A puncture or paint drip would be the next best thing to impossible to fix. Today I watched and waited for the painter to move into the room. Naturally he saved it for last and I waited almost all day. I dozed and my mind went numb (no, I had the door open to vent the fumes, thankyouverymuch.)

Why didn't I insist he start there? I couldn't figure out what he was doing most of the time and his english is as limited as my spanish. Don't hassle the guy with the paintbrush about to drip...

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