Monday, May 05, 2008


A brand new bank opening provided me a great chance to get close to and photgraph BEVO, the University OF Texas mascot. "How big are the pills?" I asked one of the handlers. "This one doesn't need any." He assures me. So, idiot that I am, I am kneeling in front of a couple tons of steer with really long sharp horns, on twin leashes held by two rather skinny students. If the steer decides - no - WHENEVER the steer decides, these dudes will be waterskiing across blacktop while Mister Bevo goes whereever he wants to go.

'Man killed in one steer stampede.' I now think. "...must have been that Japenese camera - it had an electronic sound effect when the shutter fired, and for some reason, he bolted."

I worked at a radio station where they held an annual "Kidfest" and at that, among other attractions, was Jingle Jim (or whomever) and the wild cat show. Jim would come out on a makeshift stage and thrill the widdle kiddies sitting below - with no protection - with a cougar on a leash of chain. I left the room. I'm pretty sure Jim couldn't keep kitty (who didn't appear tranquilized at all) from doing whatever kitty wanted.

Sometimes the obvious is hidden just behind a layer of stupid.

IT NEVER DID THAT BEFORE is a poor excuse.

In Panama we saw a tourist attacked by a GOAT. Let me tell you the goat was pretty seriously wailing this woman - up on its hind feet and really going at it with the forepaws!

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