Saturday, May 24, 2008



A floating wireless computer keyboard in a bathtub full of water. For the type A in you. For the clean computer addict?

Snakes in HD. What a thoughtful and customer-centric idea! All through the house run a documentary on snakes. "Y'know, Hon, the house gave me the creeps for some reason."

3 lots for the price of... 3 lots. You had to buy the house and the two facing lots to preserve any view, so they bundled them for Richey Rich.

A nice piece of pottery - maybe 4 feet high - ceramic urn or whatever - the price tag was showing it to be a mere 'accessory' at $4500. You know, I'd be tempted to sneak back in with some fake tags and but them on everyday items... this here geegaw? $12,500!

Certainly in this one newly opened development you'd not get a sense that the economy is struggling!

Oh, and NOT seen, but anticipated - on long wooden stairs leading to and from (obviously) the top floor. Take yer dog with any sense of claws and enthusiasm and place him upstairs. Now ring the doorbell downstairs. Now watch what happens... one, two, three steps, oops, flying dog...

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