Friday, May 09, 2008


When was Easter-the-day-of-our-pipe-leak?

It seems to go on forever. Let's see... (some might be out of sequence)

Leak discovered.
Builder called. Some discussion about term of liability.
Lawyer involved.
Plumber called.... removes toilet, puts hole into wall (nope, not there!)
Specialist plumber visit with sonar and other exotic tools to find leak. Thinks he found it but...
Third plumber - by now, another two holes in more walls.
Floor guy rips out flooring, trim, which was wicking water. Bathroom, hallway, (music) listening room.
Plumbing Sub assumes liability.
Water mitigation people assess and leave gear
Water mitigation guys check back - not dry yet... a few more days, they say.
Water mitigation guys return to assure all is dry and remove drying gear.
Trim delivered, several pieces wrong.
Trim painted in garage.
Trim installed except missing wrong pieces.
Flooring installed in two days except missing thresholds which are (re?)ordered.
Corrected trim pieces delivered, then taken away to be painted elsewhere.
Return of corrected trim.
Return of trim installer.
Prep guys due tomorrow to caulk and texturize wall where now bare.
Paint guys due Monday to paint trim over caulk spots, walls.

Shouldn't we be compensated for the TROUBLE in a addition to the expense, especially since the negligence was obvious in that they installed a half sawed pipe which eventually gave way to a leak? Have a good laugh about that!

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