Sunday, May 18, 2008


When we lived in Minneapolis, Best Buy was building a HUGE campus for its consolidated operations. HUGE! They seem to dominate the big box electronic store category and have some strong things going for them.

However, in today's paper was a story of the BB ZERO INTEREST FOR A YEAR! swindle ("Not, so," says a spokesperson, "'s all there if you read the fine print..." yeah, in 13 pages - literally!)

Here's the deal. You don't pay for a year, but the interest is accruing and hits you with an add-on at the end of the year. So you don't HAVE TO pay, but if you don't, they make MORE money on you.

That's the company where their Reward Coupons expire and you have to spend the exact amount or MORE of the coupon to use it. Where the warranty plans are calculated to be another high profit item since few actually use them.

At Best Buy, there's a lot of profit for them/expense for you, you don't see when you gobble the bait.

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