Tuesday, January 06, 2009


The Fritos Bowl was a second rate broadcast in so many ways. The broadcast crew was awful. Sorry guys. Mister PBP had a bad microphone for a long run or I just got used to the rasp. They got so much wrong, too. You can sure appreciate a good crew when you hear a bad one! The Longhorns and Ohio State deserved better!

At least the Longhorns won, and at least there were some good plays, but it wasn't really the clash we expected or hoped for.

It seemed to us that whenever we had the ball, whoever had it was usually surrounded by a whole gaggle of Ohio State guys. However, when Ohio had the ball, our guys were away somewhere, or if there was contact, there'd be one or two missed tackles for every one there was.

Expectations: easy to have, hard to meet. When a team can play as good as Texas can, you expect miracles. It just wasn't their best game.

I did love the hurry up which screwed Ohio State so well.

You cannot take away the record for the season, which speaks volumes for the team, the program, the players.

And, uh, Fritos, that trophy is so GAY. C'mon.

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