Thursday, January 22, 2009


In a little less than an hour I will drive to the medical testing lab for what I assume will be a battery of tests mandated by an insurance company, as we are attempting to switch coverage (prompted by our financial advisor.) I am unaware of anything wrong with me but don't want to subject myself. Needles, eeeuuwww! God knows what else they'll do. Please, don't say the words, "bend over."

Then I take Terri's car into service for a diagnostic. It's an odd problem she has had with the heating/air conditioning and I just don't trust these guys. In fact, it's our 'second opinion' - and this service manager has a BAD bedside manner. As he told me, "we are not a doctor's office" so, in other words, prepare to wait and wait and wait. I will, for up to several hours, then I have to complete the trifecta by wheeling myself to the dentist. At least there I can get gassed while they work. By the way, adding to Terri's report of unease with the car service guy, I, too, felt that way, and subsequently called his GM to tell him so. In today's world of downsizing and cutbacks, there's little room for rude.

If I have time I will head up to the giant box electronics store and roam the aisles full of stuff I never heard of, don't want, but find cool. Geeky, but interesting. The store is so large it has a restaurant in it. They sell everything from refrigerators to alligator clips.

Come to think of it, I could use some rechargeable batteries, and CD cases...

The woe is that I don't like or trust the three processes I will experience today.

Parenthetically, I might mention that we've had several doctors in the 4 years and a week we've been in Austin.

The first one didn't like people (true) and apparently had a substance abuse problem. He closed his office.

The second one moved away.

The third one (really, really good) closed his office.

The fourth one is our current guy. He's okay, but nothing like number 3.

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