Monday, January 19, 2009


I always thought it'd be a great place for a computer virus: in what looks like an anti-virus program. Well, today it seemed like one of my two anti-virus programs had trapped one. But when I clicked on the button which I thought was a removal command, it began loading a program as if DE-infecting or inoculating my computer. I did manage to stop that and did an immediate full scan, which took almost an hour. Right away, the program (the real one) found 8 issues, 5 of which were viruses or parts of the same virus.

You should know I regularly scan everything - at least weekly, and I have various filters always on.

Impatient Bob began thinking, hey, ok, it found the bad things, I don't need to scan more. I was seriously tempted to hit STOP at about 42 minutes in, as the hard drive hummed continuously, as it did all through the procedure.

But then - that far into the process, it found another labeled "backdoor" something. After the scan was completed, I sent the bad files away.

My main A-V program has well over a million 'signatures' of viruses!

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