Friday, January 09, 2009


I was driving around looking for pictures to take. I felt I was missing opportunities, and part of the hobby is seeing things differently. So I took advantage of the 'magic hour' as sunset approached and drove through our development, much of which is yet to be developed.

Looking to get closer to the golf course for a good perspective, at the end of a cul de sac, I found a home under construction. At this stage, they are basically wide open, though this one did have windows and some doors. But the garage was wide open and so I went looking through the house for a back patio which should overlook the course.

I heard noises from within the house and expected I'd find a worker. But no, it was a VERY large crow, which had apparently flown into the garage and then into what will be the great room with kitchen opening into it. The crow would fly hard --directly into a closed window. WHAM! I thought, "broken neck!" but no. The crow would gather itself up and fly in another direction, into another closed window. And somehow lived through it. And again.

I didn't know what to do - was approaching the bird, was actually going to try to pick it up and take it outside, which might not have been good thinking, considering the beak on that thing. I did think to snap a picture, but favored immediate help over photography.

As I approached, it flew back over my head, in the direction from which I had come, and then, free. When I got to the garage it was flying out and up into the sunset, departing with a Bea Arthur deep voiced "Caw."

Today I realize how many times in my life I've been the crow.

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